March 25, 2024

Willis Claims She is Only Prosecutor with Enough ‘Courage’ to Prosecute Trump

Fani Willis apparently believes the entire world revolves around her existence.

That is the only possible way to explain a recent comment made by the Fulton County District Attorney.

According to Willis, she is the ONLY DA in the entire country with enough “courage” to prosecute Trump.

All About Me

Willis apparently does not watch the news, or she would realize she is far from the only person going after Trump right now.

During a recent Easter event in College Park on Saturday, Willis may have dislocated her arm by trying to pat herself on the back.

She stated, "There’s one district attorney in the state – and really around the country – that has had the courage to do this, and she continues to do it.

"The case landed in Fulton County, not by anything that I did, but by the actions of others, and when a case lands in my jurisdiction, I’m going to prosecute it, and that’s the end of that."

Willis apparently has no clue who Letitia James or Alvin Bragg are (not to mention Special Counsel Jack Smith) because the last time I checked, Willis is prosecuting only one of the indictments against Trump.

Willis also tried to underplay the significance of her relationship with a prosecutor she hired to go after Trump.

She stated, "I’m 52 years old. It really ain’t that interesting if I’m in a relationship or not. If just ain’t. It’s not cool to anybody, and it ain’t that sensational of a story.”

She then sent a word of warning to Trump, adding, "I don't feel like we have been slowed down at all.

"I think there are efforts to slow down the train, but the train is coming."

The train may be coming, but right now it is still awaiting a green signal light because Trump and company have already appealed Judge McAfee's decision to remove Willis from the case.

Even though McAfee seems intent on keeping a trial date, there are still some issues that have to be settled before Willis gets into the courtroom. These would include the six charges that McAfee outright dismissed because the prosecution was sloppy in presenting its charges.

Oh, and by the way, Judge McAfee instructed Willis not to discuss this case in a public forum, but the last time I checked, giving a statement to the local news station on the case would be considered a public forum.

So, don’t be surprised if Judge McAfee slaps Willis with a contempt charge.

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