November 25, 2023

Whoopi Goldberg Says Liberals 'Not Being Loud Enough'

Get ready to laugh.

Whoopi Goldberg doesn't think liberals are being loud enough.

That's right.

Despite all of the yelling, fighting, and lies, the disconnected host of The View recently asserted that if Donald Trump is able to win the election in 2024, the reason will be because liberals didn't make their opinion heard.

Are you KIDDING me?!?

Liberals ONLY let their own opinion be heard.

To show just how seriously these clowns were taking things, Whoopi's cohost Joy Behar said in the same segment that Trump is "a rambling, sweating clown" in a "girdle and golf pants."

Another host, Sara Haines, then jumped in:

I know the polling looks bleak, but when Donald Trump says things like, let’s stop, you know, let’s just jump to the end, just like you said, he doesn’t even know the RNC doesn’t pay for the debates. I don’t think he realizes, and only that makes sense in the mind of a Donald Trump that you could ever do that. We have we don’t even have the first primary until, caucus until January 15th in Iowa. There’s time. We have watched in the last several months how fast things change. Let’s give everyone a beat to know them.

We have known Donald Trump since the ’80s when he was an awful real estate person, then The Apprentice, and then a really bad president. But now all we hear about is the indictments. He has the microphone. Everyone knows who he is. We need to keep putting other people forward to give them alternatives. I don’t believe that when people get polled, they– I heard I read an article that said a lot of times they just vent about what makes them unhappy and it doesn’t necessarily lead to a vote in the booth. Let it play out.

Whoopi said that wasn't how Democracy works:

I also want to point out the fact that that is not how we work as a government. We’re not a dictatorship. You can’t say, "Oh, it’s me," so you can’t decide it’s you. The people have to decide it’s you. They’re not going to they’re not going to let you do that, and these are, it’s important to know that just because you want it to happen, it doesn’t happen that way. We have checks and balances, which has kept you in line.

Goldberg concluded by saying "Listen, if we put him back in, if we put him, if he gets back in, we deserve what we got. Because it meant that we were not loud enough, or strong enough, or that our constitution wasn’t strong enough to keep this bozo out."

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