October 11, 2023

White House Refuses to Freeze $6 Billion for Iran

Even with the attack against Israel, this administration continues to placate Iran.

It is not exactly a secret that Iran is funding Hamas.

Yet, when National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan was asked to freeze the $6 billion again preemptively, he refused to do so.

Not Happening

There is such a thing as being proactive, but this administration has failed on all fronts to do that throughout this presidency.

One would think that a terror attack against an ally would make locking down assets a priority, but that is just not the way this administration sees it.

When Sullivan was asked about freezing that money, he responded, "We have not yet had a dollar of that $6 billion spent, and I will leave it at that."

The fact that none of that money has been spent is irrelevant because both Hamas and Hezbollah senior members confirmed that Iran helped plan the attack.

The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post have both confirmed these reports. Iran's exact role has not yet been nailed down, but there is now little doubt they were involved in this.

Oddly enough, I saw a report earlier today that the White House stated our intelligence says that Iran was just as surprised as anyone else by the attack and that the intelligence suggests Iran had nothing to do with it.

So, either we must overhaul our intelligence agencies completely or Biden is just scared to point the finger at Iran.

Let me say this… there is simply no way Hamas got the weapons needed for this attack without Iran's support. And Iran never would have supplied those weapons without knowing what they would be used for.

Here is my concern… with the problems we have had at the border, how do we know no terror cells are waiting to activate?

Biden cannot point a finger, they refuse to freeze funds that the Iranian president openly stated he would use for whatever he wanted, and our intelligence agencies have apparently failed both the United States and Israel on a wide scale.

Please, can we get this man out of the White House before we all have to learn a new language?

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