G. McConway
November 25, 2022

White House Press Corps Unhappy About Vogue Exclusive for Wedding

I knew the media would be upset over getting blocked out of the Naomi Biden wedding at the White House, but honestly never envisioned just how deeply this would cut.

It was bad enough that they were cut out of the event.

What really got under their skin was that the White House lied about the media being shut out.

That was apparent this week the Vogue dropped a digital cover of Jill and Naomi Biden snuggled up on a coach, as well as numerous wedding photos.


New York Times correspondent Katie Rogers was livid, tweeting, “I had reporting in [October] about Vogue being tapped to cover this and I was waved off.

“Official explanation is that Vogue wasn’t there the day of. Loophole = the family staged a ‘wedding at the WH’ shoot beforehand. ‘Private’ per @PressSec = not for the White House press corps.

“I spent four years covering the Trump WH and two years covering the Biden WH.

“What’s fascinating is that they both lie, albeit in [very] different ways. Trump team was shameless, whereas Biden team is too cute by half.”

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre responded, “Vogue did not attend the wedding … there was no press access.

“Vogue did a portrait shoot on Thursday afternoon” and “embargoed it until today to give ample time for the photos to be in the public sphere.”

That, however, also appears to be a lie, as the Vogue article cited wedding day activity in the article.

So, either the writer was making things up or the White House lied again.

Parker did not back down, stating, “TO BE CLEAR: Not all lies are created equal and the magnitude, frequency and audacity is certainly different. But the Biden WH, for ex, has also waived [sic] us off correct reporting about Biden’s SCOTUS pick, his Egypt trip, attendees in private meetings, etc.”

The White House tried to push back on one claim regarding scheduling, but it said nothing about the rest of the claims made by Parker.

This was also the first time the White House has been openly called out of the lying it has done on a regular basis, but it was pretty clear the deception has been eating away at Parker.

Once the dam was broken, other reporters started to chime in.

Maggie Haberman added, “We cover the small lies politicians tell because they can give way to bigger ones, for folks wondering why this is news.

“That’s what the press is supposed to do.”

This is going to be a problem for this administration moving forward.

The sharks can now smell the blood in the water.

Source: New York Post

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