G. McConway
December 10, 2022

White House: No Apologies for Griner-Merchant of Death Trade

I need everyone reading these words to get comfortable with a concept…

Your opinion means NOTHING.

That is the message this administration has and continues to send us.

It just did it again with the prisoner trade of Viktor Bout for Brittney Griner.

Bad Deal

The overwhelming opinion of Americans was that Paul Whelan should have been traded for Bout. If they could add Griner to the deal, great, but get Whelan back to make this a fair trade.

Whelan was no saint, having been given a bad conduct discharge by the Marines that resulted from a court-martial conviction of charges of larceny, but he was also a former first responder, and by all accounts, framed for espionage.

Griner knowingly broke Russian laws and pleaded guilty to her charges.

Americans wanted Whelan home, they got Griner for one of the most notorious Russian criminals on the face of the planet.

This man put arms into the hands of terrorists and plotted to kill American citizens and officials, and we got someone that uses hashish products back in exchange.

Let's be realistic here… Griner was chosen for the swap because she checked all the right boxes and it made for a great PR picture in a voting demographic that Democrats need to hold.

That is not a racist statement. That is not a homophobic statement. That is a factual statement.

When the White House was asked about the exchange, it made no apologies, stating, "The president felt a moral obligation to bring Brittney home. There was an opportunity to do that, and it was either Brittney or no one at all, and we are not going to apologize for that."

America… your opinion does not matter.

While the majority of Americans actually want to decrease legal immigration and lock down our borders, Joe Biden is working to increase legal immigration and has tossed our border laws into the shredder.

America… your opinion does not matter.

We want to be energy independent, yet Biden has put his boot on the throat of the fossil fuel industry in this country.

America… your opinion does not matter.

We want reduced spending, yet Biden just wrote a check for more than $30 billion to bail out a corrupt union pension and is spending hundreds of billions to erase student loan debt from those that borrowed that money.

America… your opinion does not matter.

You guys often hear me go off about the word leadership. I don't know about you, but I don't need leadership in office; I need representation.

Does a president make leadership decisions, absolutely, but there is not a single political official that was elected to lead… they were elected to represent, and that is something the administration, Democrats, and, quite frankly, some Republicans, fail to recognize.

Elected officials no longer represent us, and there is only one way to rectify that situation… vote them out.

We will never get change in this country if we continue to pull the handle for the name on the ballot simply because it is familiar to us. VOTE THEM OUT so we get representation, not someone jamming their personal agenda down our throats.

Source: Fox News

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