November 14, 2023

White House Dismisses Questions About San Francisco Cleanup Before Xi Visit

This week, it was announced that Chinese President Xi would be coming to the United States for a summit meeting with Joe Biden.

The meeting is going to be held in San Francisco, whose streets, up until a few days ago, were covered in filth and the site of homeless camps.

Today, you could eat off those streets, and people want answers.

The Cleanup

For most of the last three or four years, the streets of San Francisco have been a huge topic of discussion.

Actually, you could make that about most cities in California these days, as the streets were being overtaken by homeless people.

Residents and businesses have left the area because the problem was so bad, but little did anyone know that a visit by Biden and the Chinese president was all it would take for the problem to be solved.

Within days of the summit being announced, the homeless and trash problem seemed to have been solved.

When National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan was asked how the transformation took place, Sullivan skirted around the issue.

He responded, "The president is incredibly proud of the record that the United States will bring as hosts to this summit. And I went through some of it today: the strongest economic record of any developed country, the lowest unemployment over a sustained period in half a century, far-reaching investments in innovation in ships, re-building America's infrastructure.”

Am I crazy, or is there no mention at all of the homeless problem in there?

The reporter fired back, asking, "Does President Biden agree it's more important to impress the leader of China than the American people that live in San Francisco and pay taxes every day?"

Sullivan then responded, "First, I completely reject the premise of your question, but, secondly, I don't know what the context of what Governor Newsom said, so I won't respond to it.”

This is what the Biden administration does… they say they reject the premise; therefore, the problem does not exist. It is almost comical.

San Francisco’s mayor was also asked about it, and she tried to push the narrative that this big cleanup has been in the works for years. It is a mere coincidence that the summit is taking place at the same time.

So, if we are to take them all at their word, this means there will be no trash and no homeless on the street the month after Joe and President Xi end their summit, right?

Tell me where I can make that bet and I will put a stick down on the under.

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