G. McConway
November 25, 2022

White House Dismisses Border Trip as ‘Political Stunt’

This administration refuses to treat the border as a crisis situation.

Border agents are committing suicide at record paces, yet they don't even talk about it.

Last fiscal year was a record in border crossings, breaking the record that was only set the year prior.

This year is already on a record pace to break that, yet they call a trip by GOP members to the border to bring attention to the crisis as a "political stunt."

What's Your Plan

I love the response by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre because it makes absolutely no sense at all.

Addressing Republicans heading down to the border with media in tow, she stated, "I've heard that Kevin McCarthy is at the border, and the question we have for Kevin McCarthy--who's soon to be Speaker McCarthy--is, what is his plan? What is he doing to help the situation that we're seeing?

"He goes down there, and he does a political stunt like many Republicans do, but he is not actually putting forth a plan.

"McCarthy has no plan. The Republican Party has no plan. They do nothing except political stunts."

That is about as blatantly false a statement as can be.

When this administration took over, there was a plan in place, and it was working exceptionally.

This administration is seeing more border crossings in two months than the Trump administration was seeing in an entire year, so you tell me whose plan was working.

I am just curious why the media and Republicans do not fire back with that exact answer.

This is not to mention that the Republicans had no power, none, for the last four years, so this is all on Biden.

And we all know any solutions that come through the House now will be rejected by Schumer in the Senate, but that should not stop McCarthy and Republicans from flooding the Senate with legislation.

If I were McCarthy, I would already have my writers putting together single-issue bills to create a non-stop flood of paper. Make every piece of legislation a key issue so voters can see they are addressing everything, not burying issues in major legislation like Democrats do in order to get the GOP to reject it.

They take a major issue, then plant a landmine in there of an issue they know the GOP will never go for just so they can accuse them of voting against a bipartisan issue.

The gamesmanship needs to end. Get to work!

Source: Fox News

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