G. McConway
May 26, 2023

Watchdog Says American’s Nuclear Secrets Vulnerable to Insider Attacks

A very disturbing report has surfaced from the Government Accountability Office this week regarding the stability of our nuclear program.

The nuclear security report was released this week, and there is quite a bit to be worried about in the report.

The report uses terms like "devastating consequences" and the potential for "insider" hacks by spies or rouge agents, reports NBC News.

Woke = Weak

I cannot help but notice how much of our company's security has fallen since this new "woke" ideology is permeated our military and upper-tier government.

You never heard reports like this up until the Obama administration. They simply did not exist.

The report stated, "The theft of nuclear material and the compromise of information could have devastating consequences.

"Threats can come from external adversaries or from 'insiders,' including employees or visitors with trusted access. … Such threats could have significant consequences for national security and could include unauthorized release of classified information; workplace violence; or improper access to sensitive nuclear weapons, material."

What is even more bothersome is that security improvements were suggested but not implemented.

The report stated, "DOE has not implemented seven required measures for its Insider Threat Program, even after independent reviewers made nearly 50 findings and recommendations to help DOE fully implement its program," reports Fox News.

How can anyone in this administration or the last two administrations defend such a lax attitude toward protecting our nuclear secrets?

To be fair, this does not just involve the Biden administration, but goes back into the tail end of the Obama administration and throughout the Trump administration.

For instance, in 2017, there were roughly 250 insider threat incidents that occurred. The majority of this were classified as unintentional, but roughly 40 percent were very serious breaches.

Those 100 or so incidents did include "sending classified information over unclassified systems, leaving security areas unattended, and not properly protecting classified information."

How can any president or Secretary of Energy over the last three administrations possibly defend themselves over such a horrific attitude toward security?

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