G. McConway
March 16, 2023

Video of U.S. Drone and Russian Fighter Jet Released

Earlier this week, as I am sure you have read by now, there was a collision between an unmanned U.S. drone and a Russian fighter jet.  

I wanted to wait util we had more context to the story before reporting it, and now we have actual video, thanks to  

This was a clear act of aggression on the part of the Russians, so the ball is clearly in Jie Biden’s court now.  

Act of War 

This was a very clear maneuver by the Russian fighter jet to take out the drone.  

You can see as he approaches the drone, the fuel tanks are opened, then he pulls off a very dangerous move of clipping the drone in mid-air to take out the propeller.  

The drone was then forced to crash into the ocean, reports Reuters... 

Russia immediately went on the attack, putting the incident solely at the hands of the United States for getting too close to Russian airspace.  

A Russian Ministry statement by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the drone flights “were provocative in nature” and could lead to “an escalation … in the Black Sea zone.” 

The statement went on to say that Russia has no interest in escalating things with the United States, but that it will also continue to respond proportionately to any flights over its airspace (the drone was actually in international airspace). 

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin would not release any details of the actual conversation that took place with the Russians; however, he did state that the United States “to operate wherever international law allows. And it is incumbent on Russia to operate its military aircraft in a safe and professional manner.” 

Spokesperson John Kirby has downplayed the incident in the media, saying that this happens all the time, but I cannot recall any recent incidents of the Russians purposely crashing one of our surveillance drones.  

If they want to play this game, perhaps we should rig our drones to explode upon contact. I am sure that would deter the Russian fighter pilots from playing tag with our little toys.  

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