October 8, 2023

Video Of Biden With Dog Goes Viral

A video of Joe Biden appearing to trip while struggling to control his dog on a leash has gone viral.

At least one Republican source is calling this a video of Biden "Kicking Dog."

The Western Journal, a publication famous for being one of the first conservative outlets to utilize Facebook for mass distribution, is saying that it has proof that Biden abuses animals.

If that is the truth, then can you really blame Biden's dog for biting as many people as has been claimed?

If Biden is abusing his dog, isn't that going to mean that the dog is scared around people and therefore won't know how to act appropriately.

The Western Journal is suggesting that maybe instead of blaming Commander Biden for all of the biting incidents, we actually hold the owner responsible.

Wouldn't that be what would be happening if the dog owner happened to be a Republican?

To me, the viral clip in question pretty clearly shows Biden struggling to control Commander on a leash.

Commander's leash appears to have gotten under Biden's leg, and when the president tried to lift his leg up and around the leash and back of the dog, he accidentally came down on the dog's neck area.

Anyone walking an excited puppy has done this countless times before.

But then again, the White House is good at covering MANY things up.

Who is to say officials in his administration haven't told Biden how to make his animal abuse look like an accident as well?

After all, this is a man who has not taken responsibility for high gas prices, the lives he cost by prematurely evacuating Afghanistan, or the fentanyl crisis caused by his open borders.

Why would we expect him to take responsibility for his dog?

Look at the video yourself, is this a trip or a kick?

To read more about this story, click on the source here.

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