G. McConway
July 12, 2023

VIDEO: Las Vegas Casino Brawl at Wynn Caught on Video

I have seen some crazy stuff happen in Las Vegas, but nothing like this.

When I am there and fights break out, it is usually with a bunch of beer-muscled-up men who could not fight their way out of a paper bag.

That is hardly the way I would characterize the fight that broke out at The Wynn in Las Vegas recently.

The Brawl

We have no idea what started the fight because the video begins with these women well into the battle.

I would note that some of the women, had they known they would be rolling around on the floor of the casino, probably would have dressed a bit differently.

The most shocking of all was the Kim K. wannabe, whose tiny skirt had ridden up on her waist, leaving nothing but her G-string to hide her goodies, but she did not really seem to care, reported the New York Post.

Another strange part of the video was a woman on an electric scooter getting manhandled.

My final note before posting the video, notice all the men standing around, filming, some even commenting on how outrageous this is, yet none of them stepped in to help break up this fiasco…

From the videos that I saw, there was still plenty of daylight, so unless they loaded up at the pool, it is unlikely alcohol was to blame for this fiasco.

When the Wynn and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department were reached for comment about the incident, they had not yet responded, reported Fox News.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… until it gets blasted out on social media and everyone gets to see you in your G-string rolling around on the floor.

I am just waiting for the charges to be brought against the security officer that arrested the girl in the G-string. It surely is only a matter of time before she alleges that he sexually assaulted her while arresting her.

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