October 17, 2023

U.S. Troops Preparing for Deployment to Support Israel

We seem to be marching closer and closer to war after Hamas attacked Israel last week.

Reports started to surface on Tuesday that an alert was given to about 2,000 troops to prepare for deployment to the Middle East.

The troops would be used to help support Israel in its war against Hamas.

Boots on the Ground

I 100 percent support troops being moved into the area to support Israel because if anyone else jumps into this fight, we have to be ready to help them defend their country.

Having said that, the first time a United States boot hits the ground in a combat zone, we are likely in World War III.

If this war remains between Hamas and Israel, there should be no need for the United States to fire a shot. However, if Iran enters the war, as it has threatened to do, I don’t see a scenario where the United States does not get directly involved, be it boots on the ground or Naval support.

According to reports, the troops that were advised to be ready for deployment are stationed both in and around the Middle East, as well as troops in Europe.

Secretary Austin has already ordered two carrier strike forces to the area, with the USS Eisenhower and the USS Ford carrier strike groups headed to the eastern Mediterranean for support. We also have the USS Bataan headed there, an amphibious assault ship.

This is a massive show of force that will hopefully deter Iran from getting into this war.

Biden and his relative staff have stated at this point, there is no plan for putting US boots on the ground, but even White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby admitted it could happen.

He stated, “If we need — and it’s an if — but if we need to go back to Capitol Hill for additional funding support for Israel, we will absolutely do that.”

For now, we are providing deterrence and military equipment support, let’s just hope that is all that is needed.

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