G. McConway
September 14, 2023

Two-week Manhunt Over… Cavalcante Caught

The man who has eluded law enforcement for weeks has finally been caught.

Danelo Cavalcante, who escaped from prison on August 31, is back in custody.

Cavalcante has been hiding in and around the Philadelphia suburbs for two weeks, and it took a K-9 officer to finally spot him under a pile of leaves in the Pennsylvania woods.

They Got Him

The police have been on this manhunt for two weeks, but somehow Cavalcante has been able to avoid them the entire time.

He was mostly traveling at night, covering his tracks as much as possible, but he had clearly been getting sloppier over the last few days.

Having little money, no resources, and nowhere to safely lie your head will do that.

Cavalcante had been robbing suburban homes for food, literally crawling through the woods at night to avoid capture.

Eventually, it was a K-9 officer who spotted him and bit him while he was hiding under a pile of leaves.

Cavalcante, who was armed, just as Dr. Ray Carr, a retired FBI agent and current Director of the Wilmington University Criminal Justice Institute, had predicted.

Dr. Carr had stated that, at the very least, he had something sharp, but it was likely he had something far more dangerous after breaking into homes in the area.

When Dr. Carr was interviewed on Fox News, it was only seven days into the manhunt, and he predicted this could go on for some time, as a week, relatively speaking, was nothing for a manhunt such as this.

It turns out, his profile was dead on, as Cavalcante had stolen a rifle from a homeowner in South Coventry Township earlier in the week.

Lt. Col. George Bivens of the Pennsylvania State Police stated, “Cavalcante did not realize he was surrounded until he was."

A DEA aircraft being used in the search used a heat signature to dial in on his position, and then ground forces took it from there.

Cavalcante's face was bloodied and he was wearing an Eagles hoodie at the time of capture, but the blood looked far worse than the wound, as it was just a minor laceration from the K-9 officer, Officer Yoda, a 4-year-old Belgian Malinois that now has hero status.

Officer Yoga currently serves with the U.S. Border Patrol BORTAK K-9 Unit, on loan for this manhunt.

This is a big win for the good guys.

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