Ryan E.
December 5, 2022

Twitter Records Show Biden Opposes Free Speech

Elon Musk recently released some old files that Twitter had lying around. Within the files was the information that America needed to make the determination that one family in this country has been living a double life.

The Bidens.

They present themselves as put together, but records show they're anything. Included in the Twitter record dump recently was untold amounts of information that proves the laptop was Hunter's, and Daddy Joe knew all about it.

Another thing revealed in these Twitter files?

Joe Biden HATES free speech.

That much has been clear for a while, but now the GOP has proof. And Kevin McCarthy intends on using that proof to change the way the Biden's conduct business.

McCarthy recently appeared on Fox News to ask that if Twitter shows Biden is this corrupt, then what are companies like Google and Facebook hiding?

"I expect this is just the beginning. Remember, when you go to a long show, you have episode after episode after episode. He’s just slowly bringing this out. This is going to be a long show. This is episode one, and I think at the end of the day, you’re going to have more viewers than ‘Yellowstone.’ Because, put it in perspective, you’ve got to think about the timing. This is in October. This is just weeks before an election. I never could get a tweet taken down, nor did I ever try. But — so, the campaign’s directly in with Twitter. But also, remember what’s happening, you’ve got the intel. community, 50 people signing a letter saying this is all rubbish, right? It’s all coming from the Kremlin. That’s John Brennan. That’s James Clapper. You’ve got Adam Schiff… telling Wolf Blitzer that this is coming — we’ve known it for so long — from the Kremlin. So, they’re using every power they have. The real question will be, what do Facebook and Google have that they’re not bringing forward? Now you know why the White House is going after Elon. They do not want him to tell the truth and they do not want to have free speech."

Jesse Watters Primetime sure was popping on December 1. You can view the clip below if you like:

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