G. McConway
August 25, 2023

Turley: Trump Georgia Case Could Collapse

One of the more brilliant legal minds on Fox News right now, Jonathan Turley, believes that Fulton County DA Fani Willis could have a problem bringing her indictment against Trump to fruition, reported the Daily Caller.

The case if weak… of that I have little doubt. To me, it seemed like she slapped it together and kept very limited facts going to the grand jury to ensure an indictment.

Even so, I would be worried about the case simply because of the venue and the challenge a Fulton County judge and jury could present for Trump.

The Mug Shot Saw Round the World

The fun for Fani Willis could end after the mug shot of Trump.

Actually, even that backfired, as the Trump team has used it for marking and driving donations almost as soon as the picture was published.

Turley seems to believe that is where it could end, however.

He stated, “It does make it very likely that we will see this rather ignoble moment of a mug shot. It appears to most of us being just clearly gratuitous, why you would need a mug shot of the most recognizable face in the United States, if not one of the most in the world.

“But that is going to be part of this process, as is the bond that he will have to pay. And then it’s going to get, as they say, rather sporty.

“There’s going to be an effort to try to get some of these issues reviewed before trial.

“That could be difficult with the racketeering case. Prosecutors tend to say ‘Look, you might not like my evidence but I’ve got enough of it that I should get to a jury.’ A lot of appellate judges agree with that. The problem is that this is an indictment, Martha, where there are strong claims against some of these defendants when you look at insular crimes like access to voting machines.

“It’s not that strong in my view, with Donald Trump; in fact, I think it collapses if you believe that Trump believed that he could flip the state, that he did, in fact, win the state, and he took the advice of his legal team.

“That’s not the type of case, I think, that’s good for democracy. I don’t think it’s good to have a Democratic prosecutor pulling in the leading Republican candidate on that type of thin connection.”

There is a lot of talk about the “perfect” call that Trump has with Georgia’s Secretary of State to “find” votes for him.

I have always maintained that my perception of that call was that Trump was asking for an investigation and/or a recount, not fraudulent votes to help him win the election.

I just don’t think the narrative that Willis was pushing will hold up, and Turley seems to be on the same page.

But then again, I don’t really think a guilty verdict matters to Democrats, to be quite honest. The main goal is to keep Trump tied up for the entire primary and the way they have these cases stacked up, it looks like they will succeed.

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