Ryan E.
November 12, 2022

Tucker Carlson Warns GOP Leadership: You Don't Serve To Be Rewarded...

Tucker Carlson has a major for ANYONE at the top of the GOP that is blaming other people for the lack of a red wave on November 8.

We're no longer rewarding failure and mediocrity.

The stakes are too important. If the leadership at the top of the Republican Party doesn't want to take responsibility for the fact that they got complacent and couldn't seal the deal, then it's time for new leaders.

Leaders that will take charge AND take responsibility for the consequences, good OR bad.

Right now you have a bunch of children at the top trying to take all of the good credit and pass off all of the blame. The Republican Party needs to be a team to defeat woke politics. They're not behaving anything like a coherent squad right now.

Tucker told his audience as much on November 9:

"What exactly happened in yesterday’s midterm elections? Well, we wish we could tell you with some precision, that’s our job, but we can’t because in a number of key races around the country, we still don’t have a vote total.

In Arizona, for example, there is no declared winner in the Senate race or in the Governor’s race. At this point, it seems likely that both Kari Lake and Blake Masters will win. We’ll be speaking to Kari Lake in just a minute about that.

But according to news reports, the official results may not be in for more than a month — a month. Officials in Arizona told CNBC today that they are, “Prepared to work through Thanksgiving, and possibly Christmas as well.” That means results by New Year’s in a race that was held in early November. That seems late.

How late is it? Well, by comparison, the results of the 1862 Midterm Elections, which were tabulated by candlelight, without machines or even electricity in the middle of a raging Civil War were clear before the end of the week. That was the entire country. Arizona is a single State, which by the way is a fraction the size of Florida, which as you may have noticed counted its votes in less than a day, sort of Brazil, an entire country.

That seems embarrassing, if not like a full blown emergency. Counting the votes isn’t some added extra you get for government. If they have a surplus, like fighting climate change or bringing equity, counting the votes is a core function of government, along with law enforcement, maintaining the roads, keeping the border secure, efficient elections are the reason you pay taxes.

But Arizona doesn’t seem to have them. Why is that? 'Don’t ask,' command CNN. If you’ve got questions about this or any other election, no unauthorized questions. Instead, watch CNN, or if you don’t have cable, simply trust your local officials."

I agree with the idea that we need to stop rewarding below-par performances by conservative leaders.

If it takes Tucker Carlson screaming to the nation for that message to sink in, then so be it.

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