G. McConway
November 11, 2022

Tucker Carlson: Midterm Election Results Embarrassing

The year is 2022 and we still cannot seem to get this right.

Well, that needs to be corrected to some states cannot get it right.

In addition to the same issues we seem to have every year, the results themselves were not very good.

Why Did We Fail?

Tucker Carlson did a great segment on this, but I wanted to give you my two cents on this before you hear his segment.

The idea of bad candidates is a bit of a double-edged sword.

I was just as guilty of saying that as anyone else, but the fact that Fetterman won his election says you could put a dead person on the ballot and they would win.

Actually, Pennsylvania did put a dead person on the ballot, and he won.

Trump is also taking heat, and he deserves his fair share.

The one area where Tucker and I disagree on is this specific area because in some cases where we failed further down the ballot, it was Trump’s candidate at the top that failed to generate enough interest to get people to vote on the down-ballot candidates.

Let’s go back to PA, where Doug Mastriano got clocked by Shapiro.

The same could be said in Michigan with Tudor Dixon at the top of the ballot.

If you look at all the races where we got crushed in the down-ballot races, far too often it was a Trump gubernatorial candidate at the top.

Messaging was another big issue in this election, in that the Republicans really failed to get their message out.

At times, it was almost like 2016 and Hillary saying she was not Trump again, only the GOP was saying we are not Biden and we will fix inflation, but they failed to tell us how.

Reason three, in my opinion, was money, and I am going to point back to Trump on this one.

The Save America PAC, at one point, had $250 million in the bank. Going into the last month of the election, Trump had about $100 million in there.

Save rallies, almost no money was spent on candidates, and the bills for the rallies were nowhere near the money that was spent.

Say what you want about McConnell, and you guys know I don’t like him, but his PAC saved Vance in Ohio by dumping almost $40 million into the race when Save America PAC did not write a single check.

Trump raised money on the premise that he would help these candidates and he did not do that.

Instead, from what I understand, the money largely went to pay his legal bills.

Trump could prove us all wrong by showing us the receipts.

I think that disenfranchised some voters, feeling crossed and deceived that they felt their money was going to the election and Trump rerouted it somewhere else.

I know I feel that way because I donated to it myself. I have my little Trump membership card, and it was not a huge donation, but it was a donation, and I am livid that the money did not go where the email said it was going to go.

Early balloting is also a problem. Now, I don’t necessarily have a problem with early balloting, but I do have a problem when votes can be cast a month before the election and a single debate has not taken place.

The first day of voting should not take place until at least one debate takes place, and I think debates should be mandatory. The Fetterman election is proof positive of that.

They are my big four, so now let’s see what Tucker has to say…

We lost an election where we should have cleaned house.

We better learn the hard lesson from this and come back in 2024 with the fix because we may not get another opportunity like this for years.

Source: Fox News

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