G. McConway
December 16, 2022

Tucker Carlson Hammers Biden Administration on White House Party

Earlier this week, Joe Biden signed the Respect for Marriage Act.

When he did, he had some rather interesting guests at the White House.

Among them was a very controversial drag queen who has ripped the police and supported defunding police departments.

Just a Distraction

Let’s talk about what is going on in this country right now.

We have ridiculously high gasoline prices, inflation that is through the roof, exploding housing costs, and core grocery items are breaking American families.

Then there is the fact that most of us paying double to have electricity pumped into our homes right now.

But, what is Joe Biden doing?

Well, he is throwing a party for about 1,000 people, including drag queens that support defunding the police and holding drag shows for children.

Oh, by the way, that is all happening with taxpayer dollars.

Tucker Carlson described the whole event as a distraction.

He stated, “As a political matter, it’s a distraction.

“Offend you so much or mesmerize you so completely that you forget that there are multiple world historic crises unfolding at the same time, some of which the Biden administration caused. None of which it can solve. That’s the point.”

Carlson later added, “American military personnel, lots of U.S. government employees, are in Ukraine fighting that war with American weapons that you paid for and the guy we’re at war with threatened to use nuclear weapons against us.

“Now, whatever you think of that war, that is not a story? That’s not bigger than banning lynching or legalizing gay marriage again when it was already legal? We’re legalizing contraception that has been legal since 1967 or interracial marriage? What? Talk about a head-fake, who is falling for this? Oh, everyone.”

You can see the full segment in the video below…

This is what Joe Biden is doing, my friends, creating big events over little victories that the left is making up to distract from the monstrous disasters it has created in this country.

Don’t fall for it… these people need to be removed from office. We need to do in 2024 what we failed to do in 2022.

Source: Daily Caller

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