G. McConway
August 18, 2023

Trump Attacks Bill Barr in Truth Social Rant

Say something that could possibly hurt Trump in the news, and you better believe you are the subject of his next Truth Social rant.

That was the case for Bill Barr, Donald Trump’s former Attorney General.

Barr recently indicated he would be willing to testify against Trump in a criminal trial, and Trump could not get his phone quick enough.


After Barr made his comments, Trump spewed nothing but venom against Barr.

He went on Truth Social and posted, “Why does FoxNews constantly put on slow thinking and lethargic Bill Barr, who didn’t have the courage or stamina to fight the Radical Left lunatics while he was A.G., and who, even more importantly, refused to fight Election Fraud.

“He knew what was going on, just look at his past remarks! Unless FoxNews starts putting the RIGHT people on, their Ratings will never recover,” reported Salon.

Now, Trump’s MAGA supporters love these attacks, which is why Trump does them, but he is turning off the very voters that he needs to win a general election with them, and he, nor his supporters, seem to understand that. Trump cannot win this election with ONLY MAGA voting for him.

Barr has never questioned that Democrats walked over the line with the election, especially when it comes to mail-in voting, but he has also never supported Trump’s narrative that the election was rigged against him and needed to be overturned.

For instance, when mail-in voting was put on the menu, Barr stated, “We’re a very closely divided country here, and people have to have confidence in the legitimacy of the government.

“People trying to change the rules to this methodology, which as a matter of logic is very open to fraud and coercion, is reckless and dangerous, and people are playing with fire,” reports The Hill.

Now, anyone that has read my posts going back to when Trump was in office knows what I think about Bill Barr. I have often noted that he is a brilliant legal mind, but he was also deeply entrenched with the Bush family, so I have no idea why Trump would ever choose him as his Attorney General and expect anything but what he got from Barr.

This was a horrible choice for Trump, much worse even than Jeff Sessions, who was an absolute disaster. I still cannot believe that Trump did not talk to Sessions about the idea of him recusing himself from investigations before he named him as his Attorney General.

If Bill Barr is “slow thinking and lethargic,” then why did Trump bring him on as his Attorney General in the first place? Every time Trump attacks former staffers, he not only brings unnecessary attention to their comments, but he is also criticizing his own choices when he was president.

If he made so many bad hires last time, then how are his supporters supposed to have confidence a second time around will be any different?

Trump is creating more enemies when he needs friends right now. He has the nomination in hand at this point, of that there is no doubt. But he needs enough support to beat Joe Biden and right now, it is no better than a toss-up.

He simply cannot respond to every word that every person says about him… he needs to stay focused on Joe Biden and the issues at hand or this cycle is just going to repeat itself in 2024.

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