December 3, 2023

Trump Wants To Cancel Biden Executive Order On AI

Donald Trump made an announcement at a recent campaign stop about which the whole Biden clan is going to get upset.

That's because they're snowflakes who can't handle being criticized, and they know that Trump means business when he makes promises like this.

Donald promised to take action against President Joe Biden's efforts to set guardrails for artificial intelligence (AI) to protect free speech.

Of course, Trump being able to do much about this is dependent on his ability to win the 2024 presidential election.

Right now, he appears to be the favorite to win America in 2024, but a lot can change between now and then.

That is true both in terms of voter support and the lengthy legal battles he is facing.

But if Trump DOES get in, he has a plan to attack the AI executive order that Biden signed which "established a broader effort to study the technology and set several guidelines around how it affects everyday life."

Trump said during his campaign stop that "Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas had used AI to censor political speech in the United States."

Trump said he's going to completely scuttle Biden's action, noting:

When I'm reelected, I will cancel Biden's artificial intelligence executive order and ban the use of AI to censor the speech of American citizens on day one.

Members of the GOP have attacked Joe Biden's decision to fund iVerify, described as "a United Nations-powered program designed to help developing nations identify misinformation and false claims."

That's because AI is a robot that can only do what it's told, so the risk is that if America's federal government is telling the robot what to censor and what to allow, only one point of view is going to be allowed to be spoken when AI is in use.

Liberals already do that enough.

They don't need the help of artificial intelligence.

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