March 14, 2024

Trump: Took Classified Documents ‘Legally’

With the release of the Special Counsel report on Biden’s handling of classified documents, there is more focus than ever on the disparity in how Trump and Biden were treated in these cases.

For all intents and purposes, Special Counsel Hur concluded that Biden was not mentally fit for trial, describing him as an elderly man with a bad memory.

Trump, on the other hand, is about to go on trial for the very same thing.

I Did It Legally

Trump continues to say that he had every right to keep those documents after leaving the White House.

Now, to be clear, most presidents take notes and such when they leave office for their memoirs, but nothing is ever made of it because they are generally returned to archives and then placed in the presidential library.

Trump believed he did nothing wrong, which really is irrelevant legally speaking, but maintains that he was working with officials to return everything.

Trump stated, “I was dealing with them. We were dealing fine. And then all of a sudden they raided this house. They raided Mar-a-Lago. These are corrupt people.

“But they release Biden. What Biden did, he wasn’t protected by the Presidential Records [Act] because he wasn’t president. He took them when he was a senator.”

Biden had records from both his time as senator as well as when he was vice president, just to clarify that. But Trump is right… Joe Biden was not covered under the Presidential Records Act and he had no authority to declassify records.

I have always maintained that this was one of the cases with teeth against Trump, but that does not mean that I think the charges are righteous.

As I noted above, we see this with every administration, but it was just different this time because it was a way for Democrats to take out Trump.

Having said that, Trump had to know that once the FBI and Secret Service started to show up at his door, he would have been better served to simply turn everything over, claim ignorance, and go through the proper channels to get the documents back he wanted for his memoirs.

This case is something we will rarely see prosecuted against a former president, and we will probably never see it again.

There is also the clear double standard regarding Trump and Biden, but when you say a man in the White House is mentally unfit to stand trial, how can you possibly allow that man to remain in office?

If there is a case of the DOJ being weaponized against someone, this case is the blueprint for it.

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