G. McConway
August 9, 2023

Trump Tells Veterans About Indictments Instead of Policy

I am going to give Donald Trump a little piece of advice here and I hope it somehow gets back to him.

When you are talking to a group of people, make the speech about them, not you, and this is especially true when you are talking to a group of people with a long history of getting screwed over by the government.

I wish Trump had been given that advice before he spoke to a group of veterans in New Hampshire, where all networks like CNN are talking about is how he complained about the indictments against him.

In fact, three of the top four searches for "Trump New Hampshire Veterans Group" are CNN, WMUR, and USA Today, all with headlines about Trump blasting the indictments.

Stop Playing the Victim

Listen, I am on record saying that I think the majority of the charges being brought against Trump are complete and utter nonsense.

I can understand the man's frustrations, but standing in front of a group of veterans who came to hear you tell them how you can make their life better is not the time to play the victim.

Trump started off on the right foot, talking about addressing medical care and reducing veterans' rates of suicide and homelessness among our veteran community.

Then he started to go off the rails a bit.

He was angry at the temperature in the room, stating, "It's about 110 degrees in this room. Nice job with the air conditioning." He then predicted that the media would try to make something of it, stating that the media would say, "'Trump didn't look well, he was extremely wet.' It's 104 or five degrees in this room! But we're okay with it, right?," reported USA Today.

Then he started to go off about the indictments that were against him and that was his mistake.

Trump needs to save those rants for interviews and Truth Social.

When he has a powerful voting block in front of him like this, keep it with the issues and what will make their lives better.

In that situation, nothing should be about him, but he just keeps falling down the rabbit hole.

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