G. McConway
November 21, 2022

Donald Trump Takes Big Hits at Weekend Conference

The Republican Jewish Coalition's annual event is generally considered the first look at possible presidential candidates.

This year's event was no different.

Donald Trump appeared remotely, and he was also the topic of discussion for many of the speeches that were given.

However, those speeches were far from flattering.

Incoming Fire

Donald Trump's 2024 announcement did not receive the fanfare the former president had hoped.

In fact, most of the big names in the party have hinted they would prefer for him to have stayed on the sidelines this time around.

Others were not so subtle, such as former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

He stated, "It is time to stop whispering. It's time to stop doing the knowing nods that we can't talk.

"It's time to stop being afraid of any one person. I am ready for that fight."

Hopefully, that does mean he is thinking about running.

Governor Larry Hogan, who fought Trump from day one, added, "Trump said we would be winning so much we'd get tired of winning.

"Well, I'm sick and tired of our party losing. This is the third election in a row that we lost and should have won.

"I say three strikes and you're out."

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who buried the hatchet and has been a firm Trump supporter since the wounds healed after the 2016 primary, echoed the narrative by Senator McConnell (R-KY).

He stated, "Candidate quality matters. I will say, some of the nominees, particularly some of the gubernatorial nominees who raised next to no money, ran no TV commercials, and didn't really run a campaign, dammit, this is serious business.

"If you can't raise money and run a campaign, step aside and let the adults do the work that needs to be done. So I'm frustrated when my party fields candidates that have no realistic chance of success."

There was a time when I bought that narrative, but then we have to remember that John Fetterman won an election.

The money aspect of his statement, however, is dead on.

Blake Masters, for example, almost won his race and had virtually no financial support throughout the campaign.

I go back to Donald Trump on that. At one point, Trump has $250 million in his Save America PAC.

I could be wrong, but the only money he really spent on candidates other than rallies was $500,000 in a failed effort to get David Perdue past Governor Kemp.

Initially, Trump's people said that rallies were far more effective than any ad buys. I would like them to rethink that and explain where everyone's money went.

How about a transparent accounting of the PAC, but that will never happen because the ledger will show that the majority of the money went to pay Trump's legal bills.

On the flip side of that, Ron DeSantis was a crowd favorite, getting several standing ovations during his speech, and I am sure that angered Trump even more.

As we stand today, the reality is that while Trump has more than enough support to win the nomination, he is not there when it comes to the general election.

There are a lot of people that would rather see Joe for four more years, regardless of how awful he is doing, than live through another four years of the drama that comes with Trump.

It really is a shame because for all that Trump accomplished with such a challenging administration, if he runs and loses, his legacy will be that he destroyed the Republican Party.

Source: Fox News

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