G. McConway
May 12, 2023

Trump Takes Big Hit in Polls Post E. Jean Carroll Verdict

Last week, Donald Trump had Democrats terrified that he could actually take down Joe Biden in a general election.

This week, they are still worried, just not as much.

In the first set of polling after the verdict in the E. Jean Carroll rape case, Trump took a fairly significant hit, going from seven points up on Biden to two points down, reports the New York Post.

Impacting Approval

I had predicted that the rape case, if Trump lost, would negatively impact his polling. Trump was not found guilty of rape, but he was found guilty of sexual assault and defamation, to the tune of about $5 million.

Trump then proceeded to blow up online, bashing Carroll rather than just letting this fade away from the news cycle.

Now, the latest Yahoo poll has Biden ahead 45-43, showing a nine-point swing against Trump.

What makes this even worse is the fact that 65 percent of those same respondents are worried that Biden is too old to run again, yet, rather than vote for Trump, they would pull the handle for the fossil.

What I am now curious to see is how the CNN town hall impacts the numbers. Joe Biden and Democrats jumped all over the negative feedback and had ads ready to go even before the town hall was over.

They focused on Trump berating a female host, as well as calling E. Jean Carroll a “whack job.” Trump continued to push election fraud and he would not say he wanted Ukraine to win the war.

Trump continued the narrative of him against the world by saying the cases against him are rigged and he would only accept the results of the 2024 election if it was “fair,” which the media took to mean, if and only if Trump wins.

Biden’s ad asked voters if they wanted for more years of “this,” with a video of Trump at the town hall.

Again, Trump’s base loved the town hall, and CNN stacked the audience with Trump supporters who ate up every line he fed them. That support was never in question.

I asked this earlier… what is Trump doing to lure in voters who left him in 2020 and vowed never to vote for him again. If he does not win enough of them over, I don’t care how much he wins the primary by, we are going to lose the general and I don’t know why that does not sink into this man’s head.

Right now, he is doing 2020 all over again. Whether wor not we want to admit it, we need those moderate and independent voters to take this election. And now matter how much anyone reading this sees positive in what Trump does or says, remember, the media ONLY portrays the negative, so Trump needs to not take the bait and keep the worm off the hook on that.

I don’t think any of us will make it through another four years of the puppet.

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