G. McConway
September 26, 2022

Trump Slams Media for Ignoring Ellingson Killing

The killing of Cayler Ellingson has struck a nerve in the conservative community.

The man who allegedly killed Ellingson claimed that he was a right-wing extremist.

Police, thus far, have been unable to verify that claim.

Why No Reporting

Ellingson was tagged as a hardcore right-winger right from the outset.

The mainstream media ignored the story, with some actually trying to paint the driver of the vehicle who was allegedly under the influence, as the victim.

Conservatives were livid that the story was ignored because we all know had a conservative been behind the wheel and a BLM member been hit under the same circumstances, every media outlet would have been all over this story.

Trump, on the media, stated, "Just recently, a young 18-year-old man from North Dakota … was targeted and killed, run down in cold blood with an SUV by a radical left maniac.

"This guy ran him down and not one mainstream media network has even mentioned this horrible crime.

"Think of it now. Think of it the other way. Think of it the other way. Supposing a mad person ran down somebody on the other side, it would be the biggest story you've ever seen. It's a disgrace."

North Dakota Highway Patrol Captain Bryan Niewind confirmed that there is "no evidence" supporting the claim that Ellingson had any affiliation with a right-wing extremist group.

Trump added, "You people should be ashamed of yourselves. You should be ashamed of yourself.

"And our hearts go out to the parents and the friends.

"This young boy, this was a young man. Wonderful, with a great future.

"And I'm just telling you, just so handsome and so beautiful and so great. And he got run down by a radical left nut job here."

Hard to argue with the man on that.

Source: Fox News

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