November 6, 2023

Trump Proposed Government Cuts Have DC Worried

Over and above the obvious, where liberals and conservatives differ is the idea of the role of the government.

Liberals want more and conservatives want less.

If Trump wins, he plans on taking a hacksaw to government agencies, and it rightfully has liberals terrified.

Smaller Government

There is a reason there was so much resistance to Trump when he became the president.

Simply put, it was because Trump was a threat to many people’s way of life in the government.

Trump had made cuts, but he had promised to cut even more, and the next thing you know, he was getting impeached, then the pandemic, then he was out of office.

Russell Vought, Trump’s former budget director, stated, “I would hope this is a seminal moment to crush the deep state and the administrative state that has operated with its own set of agendas for a long time.”

That one statement to me is something that more than likely sent a shiver right up the spine of the deep state in this country.

Trump’s former Attorney General, William Barr, however, cautioned that Trump needs to be careful in how he wields his power on this front because he could wind up lessening the powers of the office.

Barr stated, “I’m sympathetic to some of the initiatives that are being considered.

“My concern generally is that the president is very imprudent and very excessive in anything he does, and therefore will end up doing things that end up actually curtailing executive power, rather than expanding it.”

Shalev Roisman, a University of Arizona law professor, made a comment that I strongly disagree with.

Roisman stated, “It’s hard to predict how far [the Supreme Court] would go. But I think there’s less judicial restraint and there’s more willingness to allow what were once seen as extreme or fringe constitutional arguments on the right to be entertained.”

I have said this before… I firmly believe that this is the fairest Supreme Court we have had in decades.

Even though I have been critical of some of the decisions of this court, and surely have not agreed with them, we now have four conservative justices willing to cross the aisle if they believe that is the right side of the law.

The problem, of course, is that we have no liberal justices that will do the same.

To me, the perfect match is two hardliners on either side then five justices who are willing to walk across the aisle, regardless of their party affiliation.

I believe if you have that, you have the proper debates and, ultimately, the proper judgment coming down.

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