G. McConway
March 7, 2023

Donald Trump Overwhelmingly Wins CPAC Poll

So, get ready for it.

CPAC did its usual straw poll for the presidential election, and Trump crushed it, winning 62 percent support to a distant Ron DeSantis, who came in at 20 percent, reports Fox News.

The rhetoric started right after the poll was taken, with Trump surrogates talking about how America was overwhelmingly behind Donald Trump… they are lying.

Just Be Honest

As I have stated before, I supported Trump in 2016 enthusiastically and supported him again in 2020. During the latter, I was on the record before the election that I thought he was in trouble because he lost a lot of the people that supported him in 2016.

Put the “rigged” stuff aside for a second and realize that, if you are being honest, Trump alienated voters that will NEVER vote for him again. This is not about liking Trump, disliking Trump, or even his policies, it is about winning the general election.

CPAC was more or less a Trump rally. After DeSantis and some of the other big names bowed out, this entire convention became a Trump lovefest, so, of course he won the straw poll.

The fact that Kari Lake won the poll for vice president tells you all you need to know about that, reports The Hill.

You want a surefire way to lose the election… put Lake on that ticket and watch what happens. I will say it right now… A Trump-Lake ticket gets demolished in a general election.

Do you realize how many negative things that Lake has said about Trump? And every single one of them will be used in a general election against them.

Trump promised us all that he would stick with the issues and not use social media to aggressively attack people. That promise lasted about 10 seconds, then he started firing off attacks against Ron DeSantis, who has not even committed to running yet.

Trump had a great agenda when he ran in 2016, but he also made a lot of bad hiring decisions, and coddling up to Lindsey Graham, which he is still doing, has him neck deep in the swamp, not draining it.

Trump endorsed a bunch of battleground candidates, most of whom lost their elections, costing us the Senate and the overwhelming majority in the House.

These are all the real indicators of how Trump would do in a general election, but his supporters have tunnel vision right now. I truly wish it was different… I wish Trump would grow up, stop the idiotic nicknames, and focus on what he is going to do for the American people rather than how awful he thinks Ron DeSantis is.

Realistically, in a crowded field, Trump wins this nomination, so he better start making the adjustment to the other party. He has about 18 months to win back voters, and it can still be done if adjusts his plan for the primary, but destroying someone that is the future of the party, possibly the now of the party, will do him no favors with the conservative and moderate voters he needs to win this election.

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