G. McConway
March 10, 2023

Trump Now Embraces Early Voting and Mail-in Ballots

Donald Trump has just made a major reversal on his personal policy regarding elections and it is a doozy.

I also happen to believe that he is 100 percent correct.

Newsweek is reporting that Trump is doing a complete 180 on mail-in ballots and early voting.

It’s About Time

I know I am not in the majority on this issue, but I don’t have a problem with early voting and mail-in voting, as long as it is done properly.

It should be easy for people to vote and what most people do not seem to get, this way of voting should actually benefit Republicans more than Democrats.

After all, our voting base is much older, so they are more susceptible to weather and simply not feeling like getting to the voting booth that day. If we can guarantee that it is secure, our turnout would increase significantly.

Just the News is now reporting that Trump is finally seeing the light on this issue, calling for the GOP to “master the Democrats’ game.”

Before anyone starts hammering me on this issue, realize this form of voting is not going away. If we continue to resist, we are going to get our butts handed to us in every election moving forward.

This is one of the issues I blame current party leadership for not embracing. Once it became clear that voting was going to be permitted this way, the GOP needed to get the word out and promote it, especially among our older communities.

To his credit, Trump finally gets it, stating, "In the states where ballot harvesting is still legal, we have no choice but to beat the Democrats at their own game.

"Either we start ballot harvesting or you can just wave goodbye to our country... We have to get smart.

"Our harvested ballots will only come from legal registered voters who are American citizens. With your help, we will master the Democrats' game of ballot harvesting and we will win back the White House from Joe Biden."

I am giving Trump a huge slap on the back with this announcement and I want to see more of this from him. Address the issues, present a plan to win, and stop focusing on DeSantis.

DeSantis is not the enemy here. We need a united front to support whoever comes out of this primary to take back the White House, and lobbing bombs at contenders is not the way to go about it.

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