G. McConway
September 15, 2023

Trump Makes Odd Statement During Megyn Kelly Interview

Megyn Kelly managed to get Donald Trump to sit down and talk to her recently.

This was the first time Kelly sat down with Trump for a formal interview in seven years.

I give Kelly credit for asking some very tough questions, but she also failed to hit Trump with the tough follow-up questions to answers he gave. She somewhat explained this in the aftermath of the interview, but I still think she missed some key questions that we need to know the answer to.

One statement by Trump in particular raised a lot of questions, which was Trump claiming he had no idea who gave the presidential commendations to Dr. Fauci and General Milley.

There were also some very good points made by Trump, especially in regard to the money that Hunter Biden made, which Joe Biden objected to, and the moderator, Chris Wallace, never challenged Joe Biden on his statements.

The Interview

Trump supporters may not be overly happy about this report, but my job is to tell you the truth, and that is what I am going to do here.

Trump made several questionable or blatantly wrong statements during this interview, and Kelly did not dare to challenge him.

Donald Trump claimed that he was "way up" on Biden in polls, and that is simply not true. In virtually every national poll out there, Biden and Trump and within a point of each other. Kelly knows this, and yet she did not challenge Trump on this.

Kelly should have been armed with the actual polling numbers and challenged Trump to his face on this to set the record straight. I say this because Trump uses this as a key defense in saying the indictments are election interference.

When Kelly asked Trump about the presidential commendation for Fauci, he brushed it off by saying that someone just gave him the commendation. Trump signed that, so he knew what it was. That does not get handed out without his approval, so this was just a blatant lie, and Kelly let him skate on it.

Trump is massively exaggerating on DeSantis, and he is just flat-out wrong for doing this. It is documented how Florida came out way ahead of most states (and did do with a large elderly population), and you simply cannot compare Florida to states like South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wyoming.

He also hit DeSantis for recommending that people take the vaccine, but it was a vaccine that Trump approved in Operation Warp Speed, so that criticism is utterly ridiculous.

The one question I cannot believe that she did not ask him is if something happens that he does not win the primary, would he put his support behind the eventual GOP nominee and back them to beat Democrats in 2024?

It is the single most important question to ask Trump, and every reporter out there is terrified to ask him.

Good Points

On immigration, Trump knocked it out of the park. I have always supported his immigration agenda, and I still support it today.

Biden's agenda has crushed this country, and we need to get Trump's programs back in place to correct this problem.

Trump also made a great point about the fact he never put mandates in place, and that is a huge difference between Trump and Biden on this particular subject. He can attack Biden on this if he gets past the primary and into the general election.

I think he did a lot of good things in getting the pandemic under control, so I agree with him that he did not get enough credit for some of the achievements of his administration during this time. I have gotten into some pretty ferocious arguments about this with people who simply believe that Trump completely dropped the ball, but that was absolutely not the case.

One part of the interview that I really enjoyed was the back-and-forth between Kelly and Trump on the obstruction charges. I actually felt this was the best part of the interview and the most pushback that Kelly gave Trump in the entire interview.

Here is the interview in full…

Here is the thing that I don't understand about Trump…

His demeanor in that interview was great, and if he was like that all the time, and had he been like that during his presidency, a lot of things that happened to him I do not believe would have happened. This is the Trump that impresses people, not the angry, crazed lunatic on Truth Social.

I also stand by my point that Trump should do the debate for two reasons. First, he has made a lot of accusations against DeSantis that he needs to allow DeSantis to respond to his face. Face off against him, man-to-man, and let's have this fight. I could care less if anyone else is there, but that debate between DeSantis and Trump needs to happen.

Second, Trump needs positive exposure. American voters need to see him in that forum because he is excellent at it. I don't care what his lead is, his advisers are just flat-out wrong. As I noted, if he does not want Christie, Pence, Ramaswamy, and Haley in there, that is fine by me, but he needs to have a debate with DeSantis and face him down. That would be Trump's chance to win over DeSantis supporters, who, quite honestly, I do not believe will support Trump for the attacks he has made against DeSantis.

I can only imagine where we would be as a country if we were in the second term of Donald Trump rather than the first term of Joe Biden.

I really recommend that you guys watch that full video when you get the chance because I look forward to hearing your comments about it.

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