Ryan E.
August 6, 2023

Trump Jokes He Only Needs 'One More Indictment' To Win Election

Liberals think that their ridiculous indictments are going to be the one thing that they need to destroy Donald Trump.

It's not going to work.


The indictments are only making him stronger.

Even Trump knows that.

In fact, our former president recently joked that he only needs "one more indictment" and he'll practically have the 2024 election won already.

He's saying that because with each successive indictment, the base behind him only grows more and more passionate.

There are literally millions of Americans who have believed the entire time that Donald Trump has never done anything wrong, and that he was simply the victim of a massive witch hunt being conducted by America's corrupt federal liberals.

With each indictment, the number of people who believe that Trump never did what these allegations say seems to grow.

And Trump understands that.

Each indictment makes his fundraising go up, his popularity go up, and his energy go up.

"They wanted to wait, and they did wait," Trump said. "They waited right to the middle of an election and they waited until I became the dominant force in the polls because we’re dominating everybody, including Biden in the polls, and then they filed `em all, every one of of all that essentially one time, including local DA’s and AGs that even other cases right in the middle of the campaign, where we’re leading by so much and that’s not going to make any impact, because every time they file an indictment, we go way up in the polls. We need one more indictment to close out this election, one more indictment and this election is closed out. Nobody has even a chance."

What do you think? Are these indictments helping Trump, or hurting him?

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