G. McConway
August 11, 2023

Trump Says He Will Announced Debate Decision Soon

Donald Trump is being very coy about whether or not he will attend the first GOP debate.

With his lead, this has become a major topic of discussion for pundits and opponents alike.

It has gotten to the point that some opponents, more specifically Chris Christie, are daring Trump to show up at the debate and say the things to their faces that he has been saying at his rallies.

You Will Know Soon

This is Trump to a tee… dramatics to the end to keep the headlines focused on him.

By putting this decision off, he knows he can get a front-page headline just by saying the word "debate."

The debate is set for August 23, and Trump stated, "I'll let it be known next week," reported Newsweek.

Ron DeSantis has been throwing down challenges lately, but Chris Christie went on the warpath after Trump said a rally attendee called Christie a "fat pig."

Trump pointed to someone, but the comment could not be heard, and Christie believes that Trump just said it on his own,

Christie has since called Trump a "coward" for not wanting to face his challengers. Then, after the comment, Christie stated, "Show up at the debate and say it to my face. I'll be there ... waiting for you," reported USA Today.

Christie has less of a chance of winning this primary than I do, but he can be ferocious on the debate stage, so I would really love to see this play out.

What I want to see more is if Trump will debate the issues or try to turn this into a name-calling contest.

Honestly, if Trump shows up, this will be the most widely watched debate of all time, I believe, because everyone knows fireworks are going to go off.

And let's not forget, DeSantis is going to be looking to make up ground because he will have to have a strong showing to get those big donors back behind him. If he can counter Trump, it could tighten this race up rather quickly, which is exactly what Trump is trying to avoid.

I wish I could say which way I thought Trump is leaning, but he has me baffled.

One more thought… the RNC already stated that in order to participate in the debate, you must sign the loyalty pledge to the eventual nominee.

Trump has stated that he will not sign that pledge, reported CBS News, and I don't see the RNC making an exception for him, so the decision may have actually already been made.


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