June 3, 2024

Trump Attorneys Cite Former Biden Official Now Working for Bragg

We all knew Donald Trump would appeal his conviction in the hush-money case, but different aspects of the appeal strategy are starting to surface.

The connection between Manhattan prosecutor Michael Colangelo and the Biden Department of Justice will be at the top of that list.

Former President Trump's attorney, Will Scharf, appeared to want to make this a focus of the appeal.

Weaponizing the DOJ

This is not some conspiracy theory, and it really makes sense in terms of calling out the government to go after a political opponent.

All one needs to do is look at the timeline of events.

For instance, the DOJ initially declined to prosecute Trump on federal charges, and my guess is that the case was so weak that Garland did not want to risk looking like he had weaponized the DOJ.

During the early days of the Biden administration, Michael Colangelo was the #3 man in the DOJ, so hold onto that for a second.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg also initially declined to prosecute the misdemeanor.

Then Trump announces that he is going to run for president, and suddenly Bragg concocts a 34-count federal indictment tying the hush-money payments into federal election violations that the federal government chose to pass on.

Since the misdemeanor had expired, this was the only way to charge Trump, but guess who was on Bragg’s team, standing right behind Bragg when the guilty verdict was rattled off? Yes, Michael Colangelo.

Scharf brought this up during a recent ABC News interview with George Stephanopoulos, stating, "I vehemently disagree that the district attorney in New York was not politically motivated here, and I vehemently disagree that President Biden and his political allies aren’t up to their necks in this prosecution. I think the fact that the Biden campaign…"

Stephanopoulos, a former Clinton staffer, interjected, "There’s no evidence here of that. Sir, there’s no – there’s not – I'm not going to let you continue to say that. There’s just zero evidence of that.”

Then Scharf fired right back, stating, "Well, how about the fact that Matthew Colangelo was standing – was standing over Alvin Bragg’s shoulder when – when he announced this verdict.

"I mean, Colangelo was the number three official in the Biden Department of Justice who suddenly disappears and shows up as an assistant district attorney, right as Trump’s case in New York starts to proceed. You want to talk about political…"

The media can spin this all they want, but there is just no way that I will ever believe the idea of prosecuting Trump like this was not dreamed up by Garland, then he sent Colangelo to be his guy in Bragg’s office to carry out the plan.

Call it a conspiracy theory if you want, but all I know is that it is not a conspiracy theory if it’s true.

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