February 28, 2024

Trump and Biden Win Michigan Primary Race Despite ‘Uncommitted’ Protest Votes

Arab voters wanted to send Joe Biden a message in Michigan, and they most assuredly did that.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) had encouraged voters in her state to cast a vote for “uncommitted” to show Biden their strength.

When the votes were cast, more than 100,000 “uncommitted” votes were cast, coming in second place behind only Joe Biden in the election.

Send Him a Message

Joe Biden was facing a statement from his fellow Democrats, while Donald Trump just rolled along to another massive win.

The goal behind the pressure being applied to Joe Biden is to put more pressure on Israel to order a cease-fire in its war against Hamas.

Hamas drew first blood with a horrific attack on October 7, kidnapping women, elderly, and children.

Since then, horrific images and stories have detailed the atrocities committed by Hamas against these people, yet the outrage is all against Israel in the Democrat community.

There is no pressure being put on Palestine to help Israel defeat Hamas, nor are people like Tlaib asking Hamas to stand down… only Israel.

To that point, Tlaib led the effort in her state primary to push back against Biden, apparently to let him know that if he is unable to get this cease-fire, he is going to lose substantial votes in the general election.

If you read the mainstream media, they are all pushing the atrocities against the people of Palestine, noting that more than 28,000 have been killed, only they neglect to note how many of those 28,000 are Hamas fighters.

“Genocide” is the new hot word on the left, acting as though Israel is just on a killing spree rather than this being the reality of war.

The Arab community in the state showed up in full force, passing out flyers and holding protests against Joe Biden for supporting genocide against the people of Palestine, and to an extent, it worked.

Biden still won the primary, securing 81.1% of the votes, but his biggest competition was “Uncommitted,” which notched 13.3% of the vote, far more than longshot candidate Rep. Dean Phillis, who only got 2.7% of the vote.

Biden now knows that while this had no impact on the primary election, that could be enough votes for him to lose the state come November.

Keep in mind, Michigan was one of the tighter states in the 2020 election, with Biden only defeating Trump by about 154,000 votes.

Primary races tend to have far fewer voters than the general election, so it will be interesting to see how Biden reacts to this and if he goes after Israel more aggressively now that he has a better idea of how many votes he could be losing if he continues to stand behind Israel.

Biden does have another concern, however, and that is the enthusiasm that was on the right compared to the left.

Donald Trump had more votes by himself than Biden had with his votes and the uncommitted votes combined.

Republican turnout crushed Democrat turnout in what has become a mostly blue state since Trump won the 2016 race. If that energy remains in the general election, Biden will get crushed in a state Dems surely thought they had wrapped up.

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