G. McConway
March 21, 2023

Trey Gowdy Goes Off on DA Alvin Bragg

Former Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) has just offered up his two cents regarding the possible indictment of Donald Trump.

There are few politicians in the political world that I respect more than Trey Gowdy.

Well, he just dropped a bombshell on Alvin Bragg.

Twisting the Justice System

There is little doubt as to why Bragg is going after Trump so hard on the hush money front.

Democrats are making this out to be some major crime, but it is hardly that. This is something that would normally be a slap on the wrist, at best, hardly worthy of the perp walk that Bragg wants Trump to do.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) has written it off to an accounting error, but I would not go that far.

Trump has shown a penchant for using campaign funds for personal reasons, so I doubt this was an accident if it turns out he did use campaign funds to pay off Stormy. Having said that, we have seen other politicians receive nothing more than a slap on the wrist and a fine for such matters.

For the record, paying Stormy was not illegal, but paying her out of campaign funds would be illegal. The morality of having an affair with a porn star while your supermodel wife is home pregnant, well, that is an entirely different issue altogether.

To this particular instance, a man that wants to turn legitimate felonies into misdemeanors and misdemeanors into non-prosecutable events is clearly weaponizing the justice system to try to take out Trump.

Fox News’ Trey Gowdy pulls no punches in his criticism of Bragg…

I want to be clear here because of how hard I have been on Trump…

This case is a complete and utter joke, and it is being sensationalized by the media as being something far worse than it is.

Should it have happened, no, but the left sees an opportunity and it is pouncing for one reason and one reason only… it is the bad orange man.

It Bragg fails, he will be empowering Trump like never before, but maybe that is what the Democrats really want here. Perhaps their resistance to Trump running for president is all a charade because deep down, they know Trump running is their best chance to defend.

I will tell you this, however.

If you want to get people to vote for Trump that were ready to sit on the sidelines, forgive the pun, but trumped-up charges and a railroaded prosecution are a sure-fire way to do that.

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