G. McConway
July 27, 2023

Top Republican Bucks McCarthy on Impeachment

Well, the uprising has started.

A member of the Republican caucus has called out Speaker McCarthy (R-CA) for his impeachment talk.

Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) has called it “theater,” reported CNN.

Game On

Before I get into this report, I just wanted to remind everyone of my report the other day on this very subject.

I stated that McCarthy may not have the full support of the caucus, mostly because I believe corrupt politicians on either side of the aisle will try to stay away from impeaching Biden.

Impeaching Trump was nothing because Trump was not what we would consider a politician, meaning he was not aware of all the little things members of Congress are doing to stuff their pockets.

Joe Biden is in this mess neck deep, and you better believe other corrupt politicians are weary of taking him down.

To that point, Buck, who was on CNN of all stations, accused McCarthy of trying to distract the American people.

Buck, when asked about the impeachment, responded, “Well, this is impeachment theater. We right now are starting the appropriations process, and there is no consensus on the Republican side about what the number should be.

“Kevin McCarthy promised when he was running for speaker one set of numbers, and then he made an agreement with President Biden for the debt ceiling increase on another set of numbers.

“So right now, he has got to convince the public that he’s credible and that Republicans have a duty to follow him. The party itself is not in agreement and we’re going to have some real trouble passing appropriations bills,” reported Breitbart.

Buck continued, "What he’s doing is he’s saying there’s a shiny object over here and we’re really going to focus on that. We just need to get all these things done so that we can focus on the shiny object.

“Most of us are concerned about spending, and it is an existential threat to this country. And so we want to move forward with the spending bills in a responsible way.”

This tells me that Buck is going to need a lot of convincing to get on board with an impeachment.

Had he stated that since Dems own the Senate, he does not want to waste time and would rather try to prosecute Biden for breaking the law, and I have no doubt he broke several laws, I would have bought it.

Instead, he is discrediting McCarthy in a very subtle way on a channel that has most of the liberal horde tuned in every night.

Point being, he is purposely giving the left ammunition to use against McCarthy and the idea that Biden deserves to be impeached.

So, let’s put Buck down on our list of suspected corrupt political officials.

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