G. McConway
September 1, 2023

The One Candidate That Scares the Entire Democrat Party, Especially Joe Biden

I have always liked Nikki Haley, and in 2016, I openly predicted that she could be the first woman ever elected president of this country.

When Trump appointed her as an ambassador to the UN, people were stunned.

Haley had not exactly been complimentary to Trump during her career, and she still openly challenged him on some things, which is what makes her so dangerous.

We Would Be in Trouble

Nikki Haley will not win this nomination, but if Trump wins, or even DeSantis for that matter, she will be atop the list of possible VP choices.

I don’t know that she would run with Trump, but if she did, she would be a lock for the 2028 nomination.

During the debate, Nikki gave the country a taste of her venom, and they ate it up, giving her a huge boost all the way up to fourth place overall, just behind the snake oil salesman Vivek Ramaswamy.

There are four key issues where Haley, even if chosen as the VP, can give Democrats a big problem, reported the New Republic.


Haley is openly pro-life, but like me, she realizes you cannot insist on a nationwide outright ban on abortion and win an election.

She knows they need to find a common ground to make a federal law, such as banning late-term abortions. Dems will look like monsters if they dig in on killing unborn babies just before birth.

In fact, Democrats are so terrified of this issue, that they are actually denying late-term abortions up to birth are even possible, but there are several blue states where that is, in fact, the law.

Climate Change

Haley had never denied climate change, but she also knows that unless you get China and India on board, it is an unwinnable fight.

National Debt

This was a big one and I loved the fact she called out Republican spending just as much as Democrats. The numbers don’t lie… both parties have contributed to this mess, so the GOP cannot act like it had no role in this, especially when McConnell helped Biden pass budgets.

Even if you take out COVID spending from the Trump term, the deficit was still going up, so both parties are to blame here, so Dems lose that bullet in their gun as well.


Haley is fierce on foreign policy, and this was one area where she went after Ramaswamy. I agree and disagree with her on this one. My biggest issue with the aid to Ukraine is that there is zero accountability, literally nothing.

Regardless of my thoughts, this takes yet another bullet out of their gun.

If we want to look at one more area, there is the fact that Haley is Indian, so the idea of attacking her as a racist also goes out the window, so that leaves Democrats with one bullet… she is a Republican.

Add Haley to your ticket, and you probably destroy Joe Biden because she will be the middle ground for any candidate that sits on the top of that ticket.

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