Ryan E.
July 9, 2023

Ted Cruz: Coke Probably Wasn't Hunter's

We're over here shooting for the stars with the idea that the cocaine found in the White House could be Hunter Biden's, but Ted Cruz wants Republicans to slow down and not put their fantasies above the facts.

Ted Cruz said the cocaine "Probably isn't Hunter's."

As much as I hate to admit it, Ted Cruz might be right.

I'm not saying that Hunter Biden isn't or has never been addicted to drugs. He very much indeed does probably use recreational drugs, and maybe even have a dependency on them.

But that's a separate issue. If this cocaine isn't Hunter Biden's, then it simply isn't Hunter's.

Republicans are probably only lowering their own credibility when they state the things they HOPE to be true instead of the things that they KNOW are true.

We KNOW Hunter has a drug problem. As of now, we can only HOPE that the cocaine is proved to be Hunter's.

It probably won't be.

I'll admit, the Biden family is pretty stupid. The Biden family is egotistical.

But I don't believe that any of them would be willing to risk everything the family has going by letting Hunter Biden carry his own cocaine through White House security.

Ted Cruz isn't even saying that he thinks Hunter is smart enough to not leave his cocaine around.

Ted Cruz is only pointing out that it wouldn't really have made sense for Hunter to be in the area that the cocaine was found because that is for employees, not Joe's family.

Hunter probably didn't use that entrance.

"We know that Hunter has a drug problem, we know that he has used cocaine and used crack cocaine in the past. But I doubt Hunter Biden is going in the West Wing all that often and going in that entrance all that often."

"I think it is in all likelihood someone who works in the Biden administration." Cruz said. "Some senior Biden official, which makes the cover-up all the more astonishing. You’re telling me with the cameras that they have there, with the Secret Service they have there, with the Marine detail they have there, that nobody can figure out, ‘Hey! Who left the bag of cocaine by the front door of the West Wing of the White House?’ I mean that is, or the side door, that’s insane and the only reason they would put out a statement saying, ‘We will never know who it was’ is the same reason why the DOJ and the FBI is engaged in a cover-up of Hunter Biden’s acts of criminality, of Joe Biden’s acts of criminality, of the evidence of corruption. Sadly, this administration is more than willing to politicize."

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