G. McConway
November 24, 2022

Biden Thanksgiving Talking Points for ‘That Uncle’

What is Joe Biden's idea of a good Thanksgiving?

Bringing up politics at the table for liberals to lecture conservatives on what he deems to be his achievements.

Unfortunately, the talking points are pretty much all bogus.

Fake News

This was the Tweet that Biden's communications boss sent out, and that was retweeted by his Chief of Staff, Ron Klain…

There are several talking points.

First, they are literally suggesting you bring up politics at the table and start lecturing any family members that are conservatives.

Second, the sheet is full of misinformation.

In fact, I have already reported it with documentation exposing several fraudulent points.

My favorite part of the list is how Joe Biden "created" 10 million jobs.

This is a point that has been fact-checked by most news agencies, including PolitiFact, who deemed it mostly false.

These jobs were not "created." They were jobs that came back due to the COVID lockdown being lifted.

The top section is another section that is just blatant misinformation.

They talk about lowering the price of gasoline by $1.35 since June, yet it is still almost double what it was when Biden took office!

Let's also not forget that we are running out of diesel fuel, with less than a month's supply in stock.

If something is not done to address that situation, our supply chain comes to a grinding halt.

They talk about loosening supply chains to lower the cost of goods, yet we are facing record highs across the board something I surely do not need to tell anyone reading this.

But, even if every item on that list were true, the audacity to suggest family members start ruining the holiday so Joe Biden can get a slap on the back, I just don't think I have ever heard any politician, Democrat or Republican, at any level, suggest doing such a thing.

Republicans were quick to pounce.

Rep. Elise Stefanik responded, "Every American family at the dinner table knows that Joe Biden has created the most expensive Thanksgiving on record and his war on American energy has caused the price of gas, diesel and home heating to skyrocket."

Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) added, "The only time Americans are saying 'Thanks' to the president is when they pay their heating bill or fuel up at the pump.

"The Biden administration's efforts to undermine U.S. energy production means we'll be paying 28% more in home heating costs this winter, in addition to paying more for just about everything."

I would be happy with a 28 percent increase because I am now paying a 100 percent increase on my electric bill from last year.

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) added, "Nearly every family sitting around the Thanksgiving table can agree: prices, from the gas pump to the grocery store, are out of control and hurting the pocketbook.

"While President Biden takes another victory lap, inflation remains at a 40-year-high, more than half of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and Thanksgiving dinner is expected to cost 20% more than last year.

"The only thing this cheat sheet accomplishes is showing the American people how out of touch the Biden White House is with reality.

"[White House chief of staff] Ron Klain and his staff should respect the fact that 'that Uncle' will be with you long after they leave the White House. Some bridges are not worth burning."

I truly am shocked they suggested this approach.

I actually hope liberals do choose to follow their advice and bring up these talking points, as they are going to get a fact-check to knock them down to reality.

I also look forward to hearing about all the family squabbles that took place thanks to the White House's advice for a topic of discussion at the holiday table.

I cannot wait to see what they recommend for Christmas.

Source: Fox News

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