June 24, 2024

Supreme Court Final Week Arrives with Big Cases on the Docket

We are now in the final week of the Supreme Court session, and there are still quite a few big cases to be decided.

The biggest of all is the Trump immunity case, which will more than likely be the last decision the court releases this term.

However, there are several other big cases where rulings are expected to be announced.

And the Ruling is…

One of the cases that has the left on edge is an emergency abortion case.

Numerous states, including Texas, have all but banned abortions, so the question at stake is if it is a medical emergency that would impact the mother’s health, can a doctor perform an abortion?

Another big case is homelessness and whether people can sleep outdoors when there is not enough shelter space available to house them.

For conservatives, aside from the immunity case, there is a social media case regarding how many on the right were censored after Trump became president.

If the court says the censoring was unconstitutional, it will dramatically impact how the government can interact with these companies in terms of asking them to restrict postings.

Then, of course, there is the presidential immunity case.

You guys are here for my opinion, so let’s get to some prognostication.

For the abortion case, my guess is that the court will rule in favor of abortions deemed medically necessary, as most conservative states even have exceptions in place for that.

For the homelessness case, I think they will rule in favor of allowing people to sleep outside, but this is a very entangled case with many different rights and laws that need to be examined. I am most looking forward to hearing the reasoning behind the ruling and just how allowing people to sleep outside "legally" will be decided.

Regarding the social media case, I think the government is about to be hit with a rude awakening in terms of overreach. I have very little doubt We the People will be on the right side of that ruling.

For presidential immunity, I believe the court will kick the case back down to the lower courts to identify the alleged crime, then make a final ruling in the case.

Ultimately, I do not believe that Trump will be granted immunity for the Stop the Steal rally and the aftermath, and that the court will rule this was the act of a private citizen/candidate.

I believe presidential immunity will be solidified only for acts that fall under the purview of one carrying out official acts as president.

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