June 8, 2024

Supreme Court disclosures reveal justices' lucrative dealings

Clarence Thomas has been VINDICATED.

I'm sure you'll remember the massive scandal that Thomas found himself in when liberals were accusing him and his wife of taking -- and failing to disclose -- allegedly unethical gifts.

Well, the most recent disclosure from the Supreme Court is out, and it wasn't Thomas who received the most for doing nothing.

By far, that honor belonged to...


Oh, would you look at that?!

Perhaps the reason that liberals were yelling so proudly about Thomas' supposed ethics violations is because they were trying to take the attention away from the judge who was recently appointed by Joe Biden himself!

As Jackson and the rest of liberal America sat on their high horses while accusing Thomas of receiving improper gifts, just take a look at what Ketanji Brown Jackson was handed:

Over $893,000 for her book that hadn't sold a single copy yet.

That's right, Brown Jackson didn't even have to prove that she was an author anyone cared about, she was simply handed almost a million dollars for her memoir.

This absolutely dwarfs the next-highest justice in terms of book earnings, which was Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who took in less than half of that.

For all of the accusations that Thomas has been facing, this most recent year's report shows that he was one of the justices who took advantage of his perks the least frequently.

Thomas disclosed receiving a photo album worth $2,000 from the former "executive director of the Horatio Alger Association, a nonprofit organization that gives scholarships to low-income students. Thomas is an honorary member of the society’s board of directors."

Compared to Thomas, Brown Jackson received more value than that in Beyonce concert tickets alone, which were valued at almost $4,000.

It's clear that Clarence Thomas is NOT the judge we have to worry about when it comes to outside influences. Ketanji Brown Jackson clearly has her hand in a lot more honeypots than she should.

Only time will tell how long she is able to balance the tightrope act before everything collapses.

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