June 15, 2024

Supreme Court declares ATF ban on bump stocks illegal

President Joe Biden is probably LOSING his mind over the recent news that the Supreme Court has made a pro-Second Amendment ruling.

Justice Clarence Thomas shared the decision in a statement that made headlines.

The Supreme Court has rejected the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives’ defense of a ban on bump stocks.

“Congress has long restricted access to ‘machineguns,’ a category of firearms defined by the ability to ‘shoot, automatically more than one shot . . . by a single function of the trigger.’ Semiautomatic firearms, which require shooters to reengage the trigger for every shot, are not machineguns,” Justice Clarence Thomas began.

“This case asks whether a bump stock—an accessory for a semiautomatic rifle that allows the shooter to rapidly reengage the trigger (and therefore achieve a high rate of fire)—converts the rifle into a ‘machinegun.’ We hold that it does not and therefore affirm,” Thomas continued.

For those who may not know what a bump stock is, Thomas explained that “shooters have devised techniques for firing semiautomatic firearms at rates approaching those of some machineguns. One technique is called bump firing. A shooter who bump fires a rifle uses the firearm’s recoil to help rapidly manipulate the trigger.”

The Supreme Court did not stop there.

The majority went on to explain that it had ruled 6-3 to reject the ATF’s bump stock ban defense.

“A bump stock is not a ‘machinegun’ for another reason: Even if a semiautomatic rifle with a bump stock could fire more than one shot ‘by a single function of the trigger,’ it would not do so ‘automatically,’” Thomas explained.

Even though it was the Donald Trump administration that initiated the ban, it's surely going to be a huge strike against Biden amongst opponents of the Second Amendment within his own party.

This decision will, without a doubt, leave Biden seething.

Do you think the Supreme Court made the right decision?

Let us know in the comments below!

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