April 4, 2024

Supreme Court Approval Rating Jumps After Trump Ballot Ruling

The Supreme Court has been taking it on the chin lately, mostly due to pushback from Democrats over the Roe v. Wade ruling as well as other rulings that fell in favor of conservatives.

The court, however, got a significant boost for keeping Donald Trump on the ballot, if you can believe that.

The Supreme Court’s approval rating jumped seven points in the latest survey after it ruled that Trump should remain on the Colorado ballot.

Big Jump

Deep down, whether they supported the decision or not, I think most Americans realized the idea of removing a candidate from the presidential election without due process or an act of Congress would be a mistake.

Had Colorado and subsequent states been able to remove Trump from the ballot, it would have opened a rabbit hole that we may never have dug ourselves out of, at least not anytime soon.

This is big news for the Supreme Court moving forward because it will play a huge role in Donald Trump's legal drama that is playing out in the courts now.

The Marquette University poll reported a current approval rating of 47%, up seven points from the last poll, edging the court closer to its recent high of 54% approval rating in March 2022.

The rest of that poll, however, was not good news for Trump, but could possibly bring a higher approval rating for the court for the next survey.

Respondents were asked if they thought Donald Trump should have immunity after leaving office, and 62% stated they did not believe that should be the case.

I have reported on this issue before, noting that the Supreme Court has precedents on this matter in previous cases.

Collectively in those cases, immunity has only been granted for matters relative to the duties of the president of the United States, so the case currently before the court will be if, on January 6, Trump was acting as the president or as a candidate.

I believe the court will say his actions that day were as a candidate and, therefore, not protected by presidential immunity.

I know it is not popular for me to put this on these pages, but I am basing that on previous rulings and comments by court members, including Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who has made his position on this fairly clear in the past.

And when Roberts walks across the aisle, there is usually at least one Trump-appointed justice that follows him, and that is all the court will need to rule against Trump on this matter.

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