G. McConway
August 11, 2023

POLL: Independents Do Not Support Trump Indictment

Donald Trump just got some exceptional news from the latest polling, and it has nothing to do with his numbers against Ron DeSantis or anyone else in the field.

The key group in any major election is the independent voter, who ultimately swings the election one way or the other.

Well, in the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, Independent voters do NOT approve of the indictments handed down against Donald Trump.

Big Edge

Of course, the overwhelming majority of Democrats support the indictment because they are brainwashed sheep (77 percent were in favor of the indictment).

When it comes to Independent voters, a whopping 52 percent disapproved, with 40 percent “strongly” disapproving.

That is a big number, and that presents quite the challenge for Joe Biden since it is his DOJ that is throwing around indictments like Halloween candy.

Here is an even more telling number.

Breitbart reported, “59 percent of independents, 70 percent of Republicans, and 49 percent of Democrats believe it is at least somewhat likely that the Supreme Court will rule that the latest indictment is unconstitutional.”

The consensus was that it is politicizing free speech, turning it into criminal activity, which, even for some Democrats, remains a no-no.

These are numbers the Trump campaign can feast on, as it gives Trump a far better narrative to push other than Chris Christie being fat.

DeSantis is out there pushing hard platform issues, and Donald Trump is calling people names. Believe me, that will eventually wear thin, so Trump needs to jump all over this and exploit it because DeSantis is starting to make some noise out there.

His campaign just went into attack mode against Trump and the former president is going to have to do better than just calling him DeSanctis and saying that DeSantis owes his political career to him.

That plays great with Trump’s base, but they are already in his pocket. This continues to be my biggest complaint about Trump… what is he doing to lure in voters outside his base?

He has a real opportunity here, and he really needs to seize it.

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