G. McConway
November 26, 2022

Mainstream Media Columnist Suggests Canceling Holidays

We are turning into a society of very weak people.

The easy way out now seems to be the most popular way out.

Sadly, the people with the most influence over America, journalists, are also among the weakest.

Just Cancel It

This country thrives on its holidays.

Yet, Dr. Esther Choo, a professor of emergency medicine at Oregon Health and Science University, who is also a contributor for MSNBC, suggest canceling Thanksgiving and delaying Christmas.

Her reasoning was that with COVID still around and more cases of RSV showing up, we should be caution rather than gathering in large groups.

She suggested moving our winter holidays to the summer "for so many reasons."

Her suggestions were met with immediate resistance.

Among those responders was Governor Ron DeSantis' rapid response director, Christina Upshaw.

She stated, "May I suggest we cancel 'public health' tyrants instead?"

She was far from alone in her pushback...

The thing that baffles me in all this is that nobody seems to be paying attention to the health studies from COVID.

That data that I have seen has shown little benefit from lockdowns, actually adding to the problem.

We cannot hide from these illnesses and when people are exposed, they are able to recover and build natural immunity.

I don't want to say survival of the fittest, but that is essentially what this is.

If we can have some combination of that while protecting our elderly and most susceptible, would that not be a better solution than just canceling everything and surrendering to these viruses?

There is already talk of mask mandates and social distancing regulations being put back in place by the federal government.

One would think they would have learned their lessons the first time around, but that clearly did not happen.

It would seem these people are determined to destroy capitalism so everyone can be dependent upon the government.

Source: Fox News

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