G. McConway
August 18, 2023

State Senator Makes Move to Impeach Fulton County DA Willis

Impeachment is apparently the new "thing," because everyone is doing it.

Before Donald Trump was elected, you rarely heard the word used, let alone acted upon.

Then, Trump was impeached twice, several members of Biden's cabinet are in danger of being impeached, Biden's impeachment papers are on the House floor, and a Georgia State Senator, Colton Moore, just got into the act by taking the first step to impeach Fulton County DA Fani Willis, reported Fox News.

Trump is Loving This

After reading the indictment, I would have to agree this goes beyond abuse of power, especially when you start bringing in RICO charges.

And let's be honest here, the playbook on how to deny an election was written by Democrats, starting with Al Gore, and all Donald Trump was doing was following it.

Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, and Stacey Abrams, just to name a few, all, at one point, said the election was rigged against them.

Not only that, after Trump won, there were dozens of Democrats and media members that called Trump an illegitimate president, but nothing ever happened to them.

Willis also threw around the other hot-button word... defunding.

In announcing the proposed impeachment of Willis, Moore stated, "We must strip all funding and, if appropriate, impeach Fani Willis.

"As a Georgia State Senator, I am officially calling for an emergency session to review the actions of Fani Willis. America is under attack. I'm not going to sit back and watch as radical left prosecutors weaponize their elected offices to politically target their opponents."

So, the question then is if Moore can be successful.

Well, Republicans control both the House and Senate in the state legislature. By my count, they have 56 percent of the House and 58 percent of the Senate.

So, if the vote goes along the party line, they would only need one additional vote to pull this off.

Moore claims he already has that support, writing to Governor Kemp, urging a special session to be called, stating, "We, the undersigned, being duly elected members of the Georgia House of Representatives and Georgia Senate, and comprising 3/5 of each respective house, pursuant to Article IV, Section II, Paragraph VII(b), hereby certify to you, in writing, with a copy to the Secretary of State, that in our opinion an emergency exists in the affairs of the state, requiring a special session to be convened under that section, for all purposes, to include, without limitation, the review and response to the actions of Fani Willis," reported Breitbart.

There are more than a few people saying that Willis rigged the grand jury investigation, only presenting one side to ensure the indictment would go through.

If Trump is convicted, and maximum sentences are issued, he stands to do almost 80 years, so he has to take this seriously.

In the meantime, Moore just won a new friend in Donald Trump, especially if he is able to pull this off.

Honestly, if Moore manages to impeach Willis, his name should go right into the hat for Senator when the next seat comes back up for election.

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