G. McConway
August 24, 2023

Calls for David Weiss to Resign as Special Counsel Grow Louder

Technically, the appointment of David Weiss as special counsel was not even legal because he was already working for the government.

A special counsel is supposed to be independent, outside the government, to avoid any conflicts.

That aside, there are more reasons why Weiss should resign, and it is not just conservative publications saying that.

Time to Resign

When the Wall Street Journal is calling for your resignation as special counsel, you know you screwed up.

But, that is what Weiss is seeing right now.

Weiss has bungled this case from the start, beginning with the fact the investigation has been going on for something like five years.

Then he was party to a ridiculous plea agreement, and that was before the immunity clause was being pushed in by Hunter’s attorneys.

In addition to the scathing op-ed on the WSJ, CNN legal analyst Elie Honig laid into Weiss.

He stated, "The takeaway is that the DOJ has made an unholy mess of this whole Hunter Biden situation.

"I fault David Weiss, who I’ve spoken positively about on this show, given his long service as a U.S. attorney.

"But if you look at that reporting, first he was willing to let this thing go altogether. Political pressure ramped up, he backtracks and says, ‘oh no we’re going to need to take misdemeanor pleas.’

“Then they go in to court ready to take misdemeanor pleas, more pressure, more testimony from the IRS and then this deal falls apart, and now he says, ‘well now I need to be called Special Counsel.’"

Honig concluded, "It seems like now twice, he’s tried to make this case go away cheaply, twice been called out on it, and twice backtracked, only in response to the whistleblowers.”

It seems pretty clear to me that Weiss was doing everything he could to keep Hunter’s penalties mild to keep Joe Biden out of trouble, but it backfired.

And this is why even liberal media pundits are now calling for his resignation.

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