October 31, 2023

Speaker Johnson Says ‘Very Likely’ Biden Committed Impeachable Offenses

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has hit the ground running since getting the gavel, and he is getting even more attention for being far blunter about Biden than former Speaker McCarthy (R-CA) had been.

Johnson has been all over the media since taking over as Speaker, including an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

It was during that interview that Johnson all but accused Joe Biden of taking bribes.

Sure Looks That Way

Johnson pulled no punches, stating, “The reason we shifted to the impeachment inquiry stage on the president himself was because if, in fact, all the evidence leads where we believe it will, that’s very likely impeachment.”

While adding in a swipe at Democrats who impeached Donald Trump, Johnson added, “We’re going to follow the truth wherever it leads.

“We’re going to engage in due process because, again, we’re the rule-of-law party.

“I know people are getting anxious and they’re getting restless, and they just want somebody to be impeached, but we don’t do that like the other team.

“We have to base it on the evidence.”

At the center of these allegations is a $200,000 payment from James Biden to Joe Biden, which both parties maintain was the repayment of a loan.

However, there is no evidence of Joe Biden providing James with a $200,000 payment in his financial records.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) addressed this when explaining why they need to see evidence of the loan, stating, “Records obtained by the Committee do show numerous large incoming transactions into the personal account of James and Sara Biden from various entities. Some of these transaction records may have obscured the identity of the true payer, but no records in the Committee’s possession state that Joe Biden made a large loan payment to his brother.”

The White House insists this is all a partisan attack, but they could put the story to rest very easily by showing the initial payment by Joe to James, as well as a loan agreement and interest payments made on that loan.

To date, they have produced nothing to show this was a loan other than James’ memo on the bottom of his check that said, “loan repayment.”

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