October 29, 2023

Speaker Johnson: Biden Engaging In 'Cover Up'

Rep. Mike Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, is not waiting long into his new term as speaker of the House to let America know exactly how he feels about Joe Biden:

The president is a liar.

Kudos to Johnson for not worrying about what it's going to do to his political career and having the guts to come right out and tell the truth.

Johnson is tired of Joe Biden's lies, specifically mentioning the "ongoing cover-up" about his involvement in Hunter Biden's business ventures.

The speaker has come right out and said that Joe Biden has "lied repeatedly" about whether or not he has been the reason that Hunter Biden has been out in the world making money.

It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out what's going on with the Biden family business, just take one look at Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden is a literal crackhead addicted to promiscuous sex with prostitutes, and we're supposed to believe that this is a brilliant money-making mind?

Joe Biden's baby boy would have never made a dime if it wasn't for his father's name.

ANY money that Hunter Biden has ever made has simply been because of his relationship with his father.

When the rich folk buy Hunter's bullcrap paintings for $500,000, it's not because they actually like the art. Let's be honest, I've seen preschool fingerpainters with a whole lot more artistic talent than Hunter Biden has.

These people pay enormous sums of money not to acquire a painting, but to buy good favor from America's president.

The same was true when Biden was vice president.

What right did Hunter have to sit on the board of one of the biggest energy companies in Ukraine? Hunter Biden didn't know anything about energy.

Burisma wasn't paying Hunter Biden for access to his expertise, they were paying him for access to Joe Biden.

Now, we have a speaker of the House of Representatives who knows it.

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