G. McConway
December 22, 2023

Smith Makes Move to Ensure Florida Trial Stays on Track for May

Donald Trump’s legal team has been making some big moves to slow down the pace of all the indictment cases against Trump.

They know that Trump’s poll numbers plummet if he gets convicted of a felony, so their goal is to have all these cases pushed back past the general election.

Special Counsel Jack Smith is working the opposite angle, pushing judges and the Supreme Court for immediate rulings on motions to ensure the cases stay on track for their trial dates.

Stop the Delays

To the point mentioned above, Special Counsel Jack Smith has just urged U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon to keep the preparations for the trial on schedule so the classified documents case can begin on schedule in May.

Smith recently asked the Supreme Court to expedite its ruling on the Trump immunity appeal knowing if the court delays its decision, he has no shot of that case starting on time, which is currently scheduled to begin in March, the day before Super Tuesday.

Trump’s team responded to Smith’s request of Judge Cannon by saying that preparations for the trial were premature.

Smith’s team responded that Trump’s Defense team is “long on rhetoric and baseless accusations that do not merit a response.

“More to the point, defendants’ breathless castigation of the Government for suggesting the parties engage on jury questionnaires before resolution of pretrial motions ignores that the same was true in cases the Government cited in its motion.”

Prosecutors concluded, “It is economical and a good use of time to begin the process of drafting a questionnaire now.”

The Trump strategy goes beyond wanting these cases to get pushed back until after the election. Trump knows that if he can win the election, his DOJ would more than likely order the two federal cases by Jack Smith to be dropped, and these are the two cases he is arguably most worried about.

While the civil cases could cost Trump significant money, they are irrelevant to him in terms of polling and winning the election.

That would only leave the case brought by Fani Willis, which could fall victim to scheduling issues as well, and I highly doubt a judge would order a trial while someone was in the White House.

But the key to everything is Trump winning the election, and he needs to avoid a felony conviction for that to happen.

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