March 1, 2024

Smith Cases Challenged After Supreme Court Ruling

Things got more interesting for Special Counsel Jack Smith this week.

When the Supreme Court decided to take on the case of presidential immunity for Donald Trump, a big wrench got tossed into the system.

The court taking on that case means that Trump’s federal case gets pushed back, which means Smith and Democrats are running out of time to get a federal conviction against Trump before the general election.

On the Clock

It seemed pretty apparent early on that these cases were being set up to keep Trump occupied during the election season.

I mean, when you schedule a case to start the day before Super Tuesday, then have cases lined up to go off right behind each other, it seems obvious the intent.

That initial game plan, however, has been tossed because of the Supreme Court.

Legal expert Jonathan Turley helped explain, stating, “The real victory here for Trump deals with the calendar.

“You know, the overriding push of Smith, the special counsel, has been to get a trial before the election. He is running out of runway.

“If this opinion doesn’t come out until June, perhaps, you have to remember that even if Smith wins, the mandate goes back to the district court, which has to handle all the pre-trial motions. That could take months.”

Turley was speaking to the fact the court is hearing arguments in April, and typically it takes months before the actual opinions are released by the Supreme Court.

Smith once again proved the real purpose of these cases when he requested a revised court date, hoping the decision would come down in June.

Smith requested July 8 as the start date, which is only a week before the Republican National Convention, and this trial would clearly still be going on.

Trump’s team suggested an August date, more than likely figuring the trial will probably take about two months, then the jury has to come to a verdict, then it would be at least a month before the sentencing hearing.

Point being, if Trump can get an August start, that trial is unlikely to have been fully completed before the general election.

So, just like Turley stated, Smith is starting to run out of time to get that much-coveted verdict against Trump before the general election takes place.

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